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REMUS LUPIN & TV TROPES: [ from here ]

#this totally looks like it could be on one of you and harry’s home videos #and its a couple years after the trip and harry’s on tour again and you miss him so much #and you find the video and put it in and all of these memories come flooding back #like the sweet little coffee shop you two found after walking the damp chilly streets for hours #with harry bear hugging you for warmth as you walked #and he was too excited about the coffee that he didnt even care what he was ordering #and he ended up getting something strong and bitter and he took one sip and scrunched up his face #and you laughed because he looked like a 5 year old who doesnt want to finish the vegetables on his dinner plate #so you went and ordered him something chocolaty with whipped cream and a bunch of little pastries #and you two just sat there taking turns trying the assorted desserts while harry had a whipped cream mustache the entire time #and it was a nice break from all of the madness you two have been dealing with since you had just gone public a couple weeks before #since no one knew who you two were that deep in paris #you were able to just enjoy each others company #and the only other people in the coffee shop was an elderly couple sharing a slice of cake #and you looked at them #and you looked at harry #and for the first time ever you could picture growing old with him #and later that night you confessed to that thought #and he just looked at you #and smiled #and grabbed your face with both hands #and said #i knew from the moment i first locked eyes with you that you were the one #and he kissed you #and you knew you would never kiss another person #and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world #and yeah  (sorry that just sort of happened)


AM | Bonnaroo 2014 [x]